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 'Snath' - Contemporary Craft in Artisan Yarns Exhibition, North Uist

shepherdess capelet

The Shepherdess Capelet for Uist Wool by Inner Wild. Read more about the creative process of making The Shepherdess Capelet.

Outlander Starz TV series. A few of the Inner Wild garments featured in Outlander:

clare and castle caledonia capelet claire camo shrug cropped

Inner Wild Caledonia Shrug

outlander capelet sleeves outlander capelet sleeves2

Inner Wild Sassenach Capelet and Sleeves photo: Daily Mail

claire celtic mitts

celtic mitts claire close up

Inner Wild Celtic Mitts 

mrs fitz gauntlets mrs fitz upside down gauntlets

Inner Wild Basketmaker Gauntlets


Inner Wild Donegal wool gauntlets and boot toppers

claire jamie fingerless gloves

Inner Wild pure wool fingerless gloves 

photo credit: Outlander Starz

"What's On" events website:

Interview with Flora Kennedy / Inner Wild: What's On.

"The Scotsman" website:

The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday newspaper and website: Uist Knitter is Secret Star of Outlander Yarn.