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US Belle Armoire wearable art magazine – Winter 2013/14

US Belle Armoire wearable art magazine – Winter 2014/15


Etsy blog – “Gateway to Scotland

etsy blog bonnie prince

Inner Wild Bonnie Prince Cuffs in wool and Harris Tweed. Click here for full article on Etsy.


‘Snàth’ – Contemporary Craft in Artisan Yarns Exhibition

Uist Wools, Scotvein, Grimsay, North Uist, Exhibition open: 13 – 27 September 2014

shepherdess capelet

The Shepherdess Capelet, Flora Kennedy for Uist Wool ‘Snàth’

Read more about the creative process of making The Shepherdess Capelet.


Outlander Starz TV series

A few of the Inner Wild garments featured in Outlander:

caledonia capelet

clare and castle claire camo shrug cropped

Inner Wild Caledonia Shrug. Photo credit: Outlander Starz

outlander capelet sleeves outlander capelet sleeves2

Inner Wild Sassenach Capelet and Sleeves Photo credit: Daily Mail

clare celtic mitts

claire celtic mitts

claire in celtic mitts

celtic mitts claire close up

Inner Wild Celtic Mitts Photo credits: Outlander Starz and my former Art Director, Nancy Keiter, who took a screen grab from her TV in New York!

mrs fitz gauntlets mrs fitz upside down gauntlets

Inner Wild Basketmaker Gauntlets


Inner Wild pure Donegal wool gauntlets and boot liners/toppers

claire jamie fingerless gloves

Inner Wild pure wool fingerless gloves


“What’s On”

An interview with Flora about her writing touches on Inner Wild: What’s On.


“The Scotsman”

An article in The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday newspaper and website about Inner Wild / Flora Kennedy: Uist Knitter is Secret Star of Outander Yarn.