Toconao ApronBW Bonnie Cuffs close upBW  cropped-Pink-capeletBW.jpg  cropped-seafoam-BW.jpg

hebridean neck cuff

crofter warmers

woodswoman warmers

ancestors apron

wanderer warmers

romance cuffs

workhorse warmers

celtic princess gauntlets

raw warmers

narnia collar

tea party cuffs

gathering bodice

celtic rose wrap and gauntlets

noir cuffs

flower bud cuffs

austen gauntlets

bonnie prince warmers

watercolourist warmers

sweetheart warmers

seafoam warmers

orient gauntlets

silk flowers cuffs

stag antler warmers

storm warmers

nature cuffs

sassenach capelet

ancestors apron

storm bodice

kilt apron

woodswoman bodice

snowdust warmers


waterlily warmers

fritillary wrap

forest warmers

growly boot toppers

wolfkin capelet

highlander warmers

River Kiltie boot toppers

damselfly gauntlets

naturalist cuffs

dusky rose gauntlets

foraging gauntlets

picnic cuffs


Nature Wrap


Rustica Socks

Caledonia shrug

Caledonia Shrug

Dreamer Capelet

Hewn Warmers

Hewn Gauntlets

Seal Maiden Cuffs

P1060105 P1060034 P1060005 P1050891

P1130846P1040837  P1020983 P1020620 P1020526_2 P1020481


P1000544 P1000533 P1150788_2



P1170524 P1170543 P1170641 storm cowl Flora Kennedy7 Flora Kennedy11 Flora Kennedy12   P1130876 P1130890

The Celtic MittsP1150129 P1150242 P1150285


Chieftain Warmers



P1080861 P1080945 P1090662 P1090681  P1090899 P1100059 P1100184 P1100350 P1100409 P1100501P1100579 P1100525  P1100593 P1130012 P1130260 P1130835  P1140107 P1140556 P1140626 P1140629 P1140639 P1140980 P1150148 P1150166 P1150178 P1150519 P1150599P1150688

P1150611 P1150614 P1150680  P1160208 P1160230 P1160240



 Wild Rover Gauntlets

Wanton Bodice {hand-spun Alaskan Malamute undercoat

from my dog & Lambswool} and Donegal Gauntlets



painted pony and foal

glencoe warmers

celtic princess gauntlets

fairy glen warmers

sweetrock warmers

dreaming gauntlets

earth warmers

belle pearl cuffs

contemplation gauntlets

wild oats warmers

the rainbow slug tribe

angel pony

baby angel pig

whopper slug

I’ll upload more pics once I’ve recovered from uploading these. In the meantime, if you’re keen you can see hundreds more by scrolling through my Inner Wild Etsy shop sales pages or for more photos of my knitted toys including a Punk Slug, through my Lullaby Lily Etsy shop sales pages.