Pretty Wildling Bodice

sold 2019, USA


We can be wild and pretty. And pretty wild.

The Inner Wild Pretty Wildling Bodice is one-of-a-kind, hand knitted in a gorgeously, supernaturally soft faux fur variegated yarn.

It’s trimmed in pretty lace in complementary shading that features tiny, scrunchy, pale pink pom poms.

You can wrap the abundant length of ties around your body or let them hang loose and dancing like the photos. The ties are a combination of the soft faux fur yarn and the pom pom lace and its used to lace up the side seams instead of them being sewn.

This means you can open these seams wide which shortens the ties or keep them tight for extra long ties at the back or front.

I’ve hand-stitched the pom pom fabric around the neckline so that the pom poms are like little studs of softness.

The Inner Wild Pretty Wildling is a joy to wear, is versatile to wear different ways and will keep you feeling warm, cozy and protected in coldest of landscapes.

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