Basketmaker Gauntlets


Hand knitted in pure, rough Irish Donegal wool, designed to create a feeling of homespun contentment and joy in simplicity and texture.

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When your willow is stripped, your thin branches are both dry and flexible and you sit yourself down to methodically, rhythmically make your basket it would be lovely to be wearing a pair of pure Irish Donegal wool extra long fingerless gloves.

Of course, you could be doing anything that absorbs you; that frees the mind from thinking and let’s you just be present in the moment.

Inner Wild Basketmaker Gauntlets are homespun-rustic with natural speckles covering the oatmeal shade. They are not soft yet will wear into softness over time with hand washing.

Donegal wool is traditional and spun to be hard-wearing, long lasting and to withstand harsh cold and rough treatment. I like to support people who keep alive the wonders of the past for us all to enjoy so I’ve chosen to use the most pure, most authentic Irish Donegal wool and buy it direct from Ireland in skeins.

The Basketmaker Gauntlets are made to allow the wool to speak. They run all the way up from your knuckles to above your elbow, approx. 19″ in length.

Care instructions:
Create contentment by crafting using nature’s materials.
Basketmaker Gauntlets: hand wash with care.

There is something superbly comforting about Inner Wild warmers; the close clutch of natural fibers around your wrist feels calming, as if someone is holding your wrists gently and you are a child again. These Inner Wild Basketmaker Gauntlets will last you for many years and be a constant source of contended calm.

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Donegal wool

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