Blacker Than The Longest Night Celtic Mitts handmade in pure rustic Zen Harris Tweed wool will endure with you


Wildlife photographer out in the freezing cold, fingers numb? Emo darling exploring the dark? Need a swarthy Highlander / Outlander kind of glove to go with your Black Watch kilt? All lovers of the glorious rough are mad for these Tim Burton-meets-Nick Cave matt-black Celtic Mitts in wabi sabi hand-plied primitive-style Harris Tweed Wool. {Also featured in Outlander and worn by Claire.}

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Inner Wild Blacker Than The Longest Night Celtic Mitts are rough, rustic and untamed except by Celtic knot work cabling set around the back of your hand.

They’re hand plied in wabi sabi fashion and hand knitted so the stitches are quite open. Made with solid matt black wool threads gathered from Harris Tweed wool bobbins – bobbin ends – from a Harris Tweed weaver. This is the the very same woollen thread used by authorised Harris Tweed weavers here in the Outer Hebrides.

It is a durable, hard-wearing thread that being pure and relatively unprocessed wool naturally repels dirt and justas it is with Harris Tweed garments, hand washing is not necessary.

This gathering of the threads in a homespun fashion means the stocking stitch knitted fabric warps wonkily to the side and occasional loops appear as it’s being hand knitted so it becomes imperfect, flowing, curved and lovely. It also means your Inner Wild Blacker Than The Longest Night Celtic Mitts will naturally mould themselves to the shape of your hands.

These fingerless mitts are beautiful to wear, so rustic and rough, and smell wonderfully woolly – Harris Tweed-scent woolly.

If the individuality of handmade, homespun, wonky, rough and primitive pleases you, you’ll find unexpected joy in wearing them. They will however soften over time but still be lovely and rustic.

Harris Tweed wool is not a yarn for lily-livered living. This is coarse, pure wool that’s traditional and utterly glorious.

Beautiful for men and women, Inner Wild Blacker Than The Longest Night Celtic Mitts in pure Harris Tweed wool will endure with you on your adventures for decades and when you take them off at home your pets will seek them out, drawn to this raw, natural pure wool, curl up and sleep on them.

{Also worn by Claire in Outlander – hers are grey Araucania merino wool.}

Care instructions:
Revel in the rough and rugged.
Inner Wild Blacker Than The Longest Night Celtic Mitts: Never wash. Wear them in the rain instead! Or if you feel you must clean them, just a gentle hand wash and air dry.

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