Guardian of the Deer Cuffs, handmade, hand knitted wristlets in pure wool, with Harris Tweed® fabric and pure merino frill, one pair only


Nurture you, nurture nature, nurture your nature. The Inner Wild Guardian of the Deer Cuffs are created with hand-sewn Harris Tweed® fabric and deconstructed, frayed split combined with hand knitted pure wool burnished copper ribbing and trimmed with painted merino wool frill

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She scythes the machair meadow in late winter so the new grass will grow tall and feed the wild stags, hinds and their young all summer long.

Inner Wild Guardian of the Deer Cuffs are handmade in certified Harris Tweed® with painted pure merino frill and trim and pure wool hand knitted ribbed wrist.

They are snug at the base of the hand so will need to be tugged-on. Featuring frayed, deconstructed split from wrist to fingertip hem.

We are proud of our traditional Harris Tweed cloth here in the Hebrides and like to feature the official orb label. And so it is on Guardian of the Deer Cuffs.

Size: Small

Care instructions:
Care for you, and you care for all.
Guardian of the Deer Cuffs: dry clean only.

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