Lovey Stardust Arm Warmers, hand knitted in silver grey wool-mix yarn, elbow length or smoosh down to the wrist, easy wear, easy care


Let your light shine bright, bask in moonlight, shimmer like the star you are. Inner Wild Stardust Arm Warmers remind you to remember the magnificence you are – and feel cosy and comforted at the same time.

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Inner Wild Stardust Arm Warmers in stardust silvery grey are all soft texture, hand knitted with 20% wool mix yarn in chunky cabling.

They feel cozy and comforting and run right up past your elbows – or can be scrunched down concertina-like.

For men. For women. For everybody.

Warm and kinda raunchy. Comfortable and practical. Lovely curving cable detail at the knuckle hem edge.

Care instructions:
Remember we are made of stardust.
Lovey Stardust Arm Warmers: hand wash, dry flat.

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