Mrs Mycology Cowl, Wrap, Capelet


Hand knitted in garter stitch and made to flow in a pattern like fungi gills Mrs Mycology Cowl, Wrap, Capelet features an edging of frill and tiny, chalky pink poms poms

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Inner Wild Mrs Mycology Cowl is a little homage to the beautiful pattern of gills on fungi. I am always drawn to ribbed patterns for this reason; ribbed knitting flows in a similar organic way is just so pleasing to the eye. But in this case I’ve used garter stitch sideways so that there is lots of stretch and relax in the knitted fabric allowing you to play with how you wear it.

It’s hand knitted using a warm grey wool-mix yarn and trimmed in a flounce of netted loveliness in tonal greys and tiny chalky pink pom poms dance on the edge

You can wear the Mrs Mycology Cowl piled up around your neck or as a wrap / capelet / poncho around your shoulders. Thanks to its generous length you can also wear it as a tube skirt or top as a single layer, doubled or tripled up.

Care instructions:
Notice patterns, enjoy the flow of nature’s lines, go with the flow.
Mrs Mycology Cowl: Hand wash and dry flat.

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