Snow In Summer Bodice


Imagine big, slow-falling flakes of snow from a summer blue sky. Letting those snowflakes land on your body and staying a while. Textured fibre bobble wabi sabi bodice in natural white.

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The Inner Wild Snow In Summer Bodice is a delight of divine bobble yarn, fibre wisps on thread. The color is a lovely natural white, not a glaring white.

The Snow In Summer Bodice is lightweight and works through all seasons. It is hand knitted in a sort of home-spun way on large needles and sewn with big stitches on the seams on the showing side of the garment so that it is elegant and yet has a raw, untamed feel.

Gorgeous texture and wabi sabi imperfection.

Measurements when garment lying flat:

Approx. 18″ wide from side to side
Approx. 15″ long from shoulder to hem

Care instructions:

Revel in every day miracles.

Snow In Summer Bodice – hand wash and dry flat

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