Wabi Sabi Storm Gauntlets


Wabi Sabi Storm Gauntlets, luxe, soft, hand knitted, silk and wool fingerless gloves

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I love storms. I love the noise and the wildness, the wind bending trees, clouds slashed by lightning shards.

Especially when I am all warm and cozy inside. Ideally, in bed, looking out the window and watching the rain making rivers on the glass. Bliss.

Inner Wild Wabi Sabi Storm Gauntlets give you that cozy feeling and will also be most excellent if you’re outside and caught in a storm!

I made these with a luxury fine, featherweight yarn that is a rushing rainfall of grays, blues and charcoal and so exquisitely soft. But while they are light and fine they are also warm being 80% wool and 20% silk.

In true wabi sabi fashion, the particular pattern of color in your medium-weight Wabi Sabi Storm Gauntlets will be similar to the photos but will never be matched exactly, each pair is as individual as you. The stitching as you can see contrasts randomly with the knitted fabric and is purposefully wonky and the colors are just like a stormy clouds parting to show blue sky.

Care instructions:
Thrill to storms.
Wabi Sabi Storm Gauntlets: hand wash and dry flat.



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