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Woodland Wanderer Shrug


You shall wander through the forest all the while feeling a part of it; the trees, the leaves, the ferns and dark flowers feeling at one wearing your Woodland Wanderer Shrug

Wandering in the woods, noticing how the dew on the leaves glimmers like the copper sequins on your Woodland Wanderer Shrug. And how its shading makes you seem like a natural part of this dappled grove of birch and oak trees.

Inner Wild Woodland Wanderer Shrug is hand knitted loosely in a rib stitch like the rings that show the years of a tree, the furrows of a plough on the earth. It is soft and drapey and feels comforting.

As you can see it flows as one ripple along your arms and across your back as the colours change from brown to green, rust to khaki olive, purple crystal to midnight blue and all the while little glitters of copper sequins, catching the light and disappearing.

The Inner Wild Woodland Wanderer Shrug is finished with big, homespun, contrasting stitches along the sleeve seam.

The yarn is called ‘creative galaxy’ and is comprised of 27% wool, 71% acrylic, plus tiny sequins.

Measurements when lying flat:

Full length, wrist edge to wrist edge – 51″ / 130cm

Opening, underarm to underarm 16″ / 41cm

Care instructions:
Feel yourself at one with nature.
Inner Wild Woodland Wanderer Shrug: hand wash and dry flat.

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