Wilderness wear for dearhearts

Ignited in the heart of nature, where whispers of the wind meet the rustle of leaves, Inner Wild was created for those who love wilderness and a certain wildness of the spirit. Is that you?

Each Inner Wild design is a love letter to nature and a testament to the untamed beauty that resides within us all.

Following our hearts, trusting intuition, our threads are woven from the threads of the wild: hand knitted stitches echoing the rhythm of ancient forests and the dance of wildflowers.

From the rugged peaks to the gentle meadows, Wilderness Wear for Dearhearts is a celebration of the wild, an invitation to wear the essence of nature against your skin.

Feel the spirit of connection and the warmth of kinship. Enjoy a playful, creative pilgrimage back to soulful origins. Each handmade garment and original knitting pattern is like a little key to the boundless wonders of the wild within.

So, dearheart, why not let your inner wild flourish?

Featured in:

Inner Wild has been featured in various luscious magazines and Inner Wild garments can be seen on stage and screen too:

Belle Armoire magazine — Outlander Starz TV series — Scotland on Sunday —  Shakespeares Globe Theatre — Whats On — GOT —  Enchanted Living/Faerie Magazine — Etsy Gateway to Scotland

Looking for Inner Wild knitwear featured
in Outlander?

The costume department bought over a hundred garments for the show to clothe Jamie, Claire, Clansmen and Scottish villagers from the Inner Wild store on Etsy including several Sassenach Capelets and Sleeves, knitted cuffs and all kinds of versions of Wabi Sabi Gauntlets and World Famous Celtic Mitts, Botanica Mitts and Caledonia Shrug.


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