Inner Wild Ancestor’s Apron & Bodice Set

sold 2019, USA

The Inner Wild Ancestors Bodice and Apron Set is my little homage to my ancestors; the hardy, strong, self-sufficient women of the Hebrides of Scotland (next stop America).

The Ancestors Bodice and matching Apron are heavily textured, hand knitted in a traditional knot-work pattern reminiscent of family roots and wild grasses woven by the wind.

It is kettle-dyed in gorgeous stormy tones of black and blue and gray. So many tones! The front of the Bodice is lighter than the back and the Apron darker still.

The yarn is a rich, heavy, soft and luxurious Malabrigo pure merino wool from Peru.

You can wear the Inner Wild Ancestors Apron all kinds of ways. I love that.

The Bodice and Apron are wonderful top layer garments for those who, like me, love the layered-look. Or to make a simple statement against a solid neutral or color block or even pattern.

Both the Bodice and the Apron, separately or together, work well with trousers, jeans, dresses and skirts, creating a different feeling with each.

Oh how I love aprons.

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