Arborist Cuffs

sold 2011, USA

Inner Wild Arborist Cuffs knitted in pure, natural, organic cotton in a rich tree bark brown.

She tends trees. She knows how they like to be cared for and always first she touches their trunks and listens to the sound their leaves make rustling in the breeze, how their branches creak and sway.

Her friends describe her as a professional tree-hugger and this is true even while she has certificates for her harness-wearing, chain saw-wielding arborist acrobatics.

She favors the blossom trees and shrubs.

Arborist Cuffs are knitted in beautiful bark brown soft organic cotton yarn. They have a knitted cord threaded through eyelets at the wrist.

The knitted cords are not sewn in so you can change the look of your Arborist Cuffs by threading other things through the eyelets – your favorite ribbon or a strip of lace, or tear a piece of vintage fabric and make it a ribbon – or even cut a strip from the inner hem of your favorite spring frock and use that to co-ordinate.

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