Bracken Bodice

sold 2014, USA


It may look like a bundle of dried bracken but to the wildlife of our garden it has been part of a winter hibernarium. A place of stick and twigs and bunches of dead leaves for insects to hide away warm and cozy safe from wind and rain and snow.

And now like the insects we too clear away the old and venture out of our homes and into the Spring’s warm sunshine.

The Inner Wild Bracken Bodice is lightweight and knitted with a wild garland yarn of bobbles like little succulent berries of fibre. Very touchable.

It is knitted in a home-spun way on large needles and sewn with big stitches on the seams so that it is elegant and yet has a raw, untamed feel.

The color ranges from a dusky rose pink to a faded pink-brown, burgundy to clay-brown. You can wear it with pink tones or brown tones – or anything you fancy, of course.

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