Bumble Bobble Cowl

sold 2015 – 2019, USA, AUSTRALIA, UK, EUROPE


Bumblebees and their rounded bottoms.

Bobbles on .. well anything really.


Soap bubbles clustering together in an aromatic bath, bubble wrap .. the tops of button mushrooms, seaweed air pockets.

The Bumble Bobble Cowl is a little homage to the joy such beautiful shapes give us, especially our fingers. I’ve knitted it in a bobble stitch and it is so tactile you just want to bury your fingers between the wooly bubbles. Ah.

The bobbles on the edges are random. So cozy and comfortable to wear, I like how it hugs the neck in a flattering way but is not tight.

You can pull it up off your shoulders so it would half cover your face in a blizzard or wear it low and keep your mouth free for important things like smiling.

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