Ceilidh Bodice

sold 2021, USA


We’re at the ceilidh dance, the accordionist plays the first notes so we’re all up right away for the first dance – ‘Strip the Willow’. Later we’ll be whirling dervishes on the dance floor doing an Eightsome Reel and the best dancers will couple-up for a Highland Schottische then we’ll all be in for both the Canadian Barn Dance and Dashing White Sergeant.

With all the wholesome charm of a village hall dance the Inner Wild Ceilidh Bodice is hand knitted in pure Hebridean wool from our native sheep of the Scottish Hebrides. The rough Hebridean wool is chunky weight with ribbed back, moss stitch straps and a cabled front opening fastened with real deer antler buttons sourced from South Uist.

Dance more, feel the beat of music in your heart, resonate with the sounds surounding you.

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