Fairy Glen Warmers

sold 2012, USA

As I ventured into the Fairy Glen in the early hours of this sunny morning a fairy girl lit upon my hands and whispered to me. Too quickly she flew away and I forgot what she had said.

The sunlight burned my eyelids open and I thought maybe I shouldn’t read Lewis Carroll before I fall asleep … and then I noticed a glimmer of wings at the window and I smiled and waved.

Inner Wild Fairy Glen Warmers are knitted with wool mix yarn in chestnut brown and are finished with hand spun hand painted pure wool from Yarnarchy here on Etsy.

This beautiful yarn is all the colors faeries of the glen love: moss, lichen, bark, chaffinch feather dusky chocolate, bracken brown, a flash of turquoise like a kingfisher over the river.

They are snug-fitting around the wrist and widen a little at your fingers which gives a lovely line to wrist and hand.

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