River Boot Cuffs

sold 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, USA, Norway, UK, Sweden


There’s something darling about a little piece of wooliness poking up above your boots. And as dearheart said to me recently, something immensely practical about having boot toppers when your boots are a bit wide at the top.

And so, thanks to her having me think about sizes and work out prototypes, here are my sweet River Boot Cuffs.

They have ribbing at the bottom, just above your ankle, so they sit neatly and don’t move about, smooth knitting along your calf and lovely flourishing cabling at the top.

There’s enough stretch in the knitting for them to work across lots of sizes. I’m wearing them with ankle boots but they will work for mid-calf and knee-high boots as well.

Now you can have the nature look and no gaping of your boots without having to wear chunky socks – which as we all know can put our foot size up one and make your favorite boots too small.

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