Wolfkin Capelet

sold 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, USA, UK, Denmark


It always feels divine to have something warm around your shoulders. Ideally a lovely man arm. Or the Inner Wild Wolfkin Capelet which is warm and light.

Soft and wooly and with its dangling, dancing HOWLite gemstones the Wolfkin Capelet has the approval of my Alaskan Malamute, Bubba.

It’s kind of romance-meets-Clan-of-the-Cave-Bear. The natural, individual ‘howlite’ gemstones hand-sewn on the scalloped edge tips are opaque white with grey veining.

Knitted in a 60% exquisitely soft pure wool, 25% alpaca and 15% nylon yarn that has a muted crinkled effect, the Wolfkin Capelet is glorious and the alpaca gives it a hazy look.

The drape is lovely and when you press your hand to the into the fabric it feels like touching a cloud filled with air.

Lightweight and yet warm, and able to breathe naturally, the Wolfkin Capelet is trans-seasonal and will fit most body shapes and sizes.

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