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  • Feature: Prepping for Outlander S6

    Your guide to getting ready for Outlander Season 6 without having to resort to speeding up time via time travel / going through standing stones #1 – Make and/or buy original Outlander clothes It’s not easy counting down the last days of droughtlander. Best to focus on prepping for Season 6. What plans do you …

  • Suddenly Autumn and we’re golden

    Honey mellow molten sunshine in the freshness of Autumn. Small bundles of windtorn heather still bloom, fading to lilac from bright purple. As-one-with-nature Inner Wild wilderness wear for dearhearts clockwise from top main: Mellow Yellow Handspun Wool Bodice & Stag Antler Fingerless Mitts Gathering Bodice Mega Mitts Honey Sun Mitts Moody and mystical feelings as …

  • Summer: she sees sea gardens on the seashore

    The summer tide ebbs and reveals to us a sea rock garden on the shore; bright greens, black-grey-blues and browns, creamy-coloured whelks and limpets, flowing, air-bubbled sea plants all holding firm to solid, massive, ancient gneiss. As-one-with-nature Inner Wild wilderness wear for dearhearts clockwise from top left: Freshwater Strappy Top, back Illustrator Cuffs Freshwater Strappy …

  • Inspiration: running with the deer

    Deer rush down from the mountains of Harris and the broad swathes of moorland drawn by the fresh, new growth of grass to soar over fences. And so it is with us humans. Deep inside we run with the deer; we too feel the machair sap rising and in the rhythm of the tide, the …

  • Spring: awakening with nature

    Rejoicing in the colours of Spring, brown grasses turning golden and lining the corncrake’s new nest. Rudely fresh green grass takes over slopes and flat meadows. Robust leaves of Angelica poke from bare earth and make olive feather shapes. Bright pink buds of crab apple trees burst open with pale pink white flowers. Homemade Harris …

  • Inspiration: rough fibres and smooth bone

    As the wind rises and the summer sunlight begins to fade my fingers are enjoying the rustic textures of Hebridean wool and minimally-processed Shetland wool pressed against deer antler bone and ram horn toggles and buttons.  “The tactile delight of rough, rustic wool and smooth bone.” The flowing shapes of found deer antler tips, always …

  • Summer: here comes the sun …the smiles returning to the faces

    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes. Ah. The cooling wind makes the machair flowers dance in pretty pinks and bright yellow. Bumble bees buzz the red clover. Moths visit at night, painted ladies flutter from flower to flower drinking nectar their butterfly wings move like Geisha fans.

  • Inspiration: being Hebridean

       Tha an fhuil làidir. The blood is strong.   Harris Tweed and Shetland wool. Hebridean wool from our native sheep. Harris wool tagged by weavers captured for knitting.

  • Spring: quickening creativity

    As we are all part of nature we feel the quickening in early Spring, a tingling of life force awakening inside us, a desire to rampage into newness. I wonder if like the sap in plant stems that is suddenly rising and full of vigour, we too have this response in our bodies. All things …

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