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  • Inspiration: rough fibres and smooth bone

    Ethical sustainable chillwave. Gentrify semiotics cold pressed, narwhal hashtag cardigan artisan swag raw denim wolf tilde.

  • Summer: here comes the sun …the smiles returning to the faces

    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes. Ah. The cooling wind makes the machair flowers dance in pretty pinks and bright yellow. Bumble bees buzz the red clover. Moths visit at night, painted ladies flutter from flower to flower drinking nectar their butterfly wings move like Geisha fans.

  • Inspiration: being Hebridean

       Tha an fhuil làidir. The blood is strong.   Harris Tweed and Shetland wool. Hebridean wool from our native sheep. Harris wool tagged by weavers captured for knitting.

  • Spring: quickening creativity

    As we are all part of nature we feel the quickening in early Spring, a tingling of life force awakening inside us, a desire to rampage into newness. I wonder if like the sap in plant stems that is suddenly rising and full of vigour, we too have this response in our bodies. All things …

  • Caledonia Shrug: Who wore it better?

    I have now finished designing the new INNER WILD knitting patterns template. Joy! And I just wrote up the pattern for this INNER WILD Caledonia Shrug worn by Claire in Outlander. It made me laugh to see how differently the exact same Caledonia Shrug could look! I thought you might appreciate the fun of it …

  • For the wild knitters: Inner Wild patterns

    Inner Wild wilderness wear for dearhearts knitting patterns available on amazon: Inner Wild knitting patterns on Kindle The first Inner Wild knitting patterns, available on amazon since 2015, are: Wanderer Warmers, Seafoam Warmers, Unfurled Bodice, Stag Antler Warmers, Hebridean Neck Cuff, Ancestors Apron, Sweetheart Arm Warmers and for Outlander fans – The Celtic Mitts. But don’t download …

  • Inspiration: Faerie Magazine

    When Faerie Magazine tweeted about the interview with INNER WILD last week, {what a magical experience that was!} it reminded me how shocked I was when I realised how many INNER WILD creations I’ve modelled over the years wearing fairy paraphernalia. And yes, even with an actual fairy! How have I accumulated so many pairs …

  • Spring: blossom inspiration

    A hydrangea cutting from last year decided to make Spring even more exciting by creating its first ever flower when nothing else bloomed in the garden. Brought indoors its single blossom came to be appreciated and admired all day long for weeks and weeks. Thanks to its beautiful influence this Spring I was drawn to …

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