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  • Summer: long days of languid daydreaming

    Summer in the Outer Hebrides. The sun uplifts us, we’re early to rise and feeling wise. Adventures beckon in the wind gusting off the sea. Sparkles of salt spray drench our smiles. We splash in the cold water and run through the marram grass and red clover, the wild carrot bearing its crowns of seeds …

  • Summer: serenity in the heart and bold colours near the sea

    Ready for some easy summer knits? Be inspired! Wild zinging colours take over the machair near the sea – purple and yellow, bold and beautiful. Summer serenity make the heart glad. Sun shines on corn marigold flowers near the potato plots and freckles on faces. Twilight bring a hush of chilliness and we wrap ourselves …

  • Summer: she sees sea gardens on the seashore

    The summer tide ebbs and reveals to us a sea rock garden on the shore; bright greens, black-grey-blues and browns, creamy-coloured whelks and limpets, flowing, air-bubbled sea plants all holding firm to solid, massive, ancient gneiss. As-one-with-nature Inner Wild wilderness wear for dearhearts clockwise from top left: Freshwater Strappy Top, back Illustrator Cuffs Freshwater Strappy …

  • Summer: here comes the sun …the smiles returning to the faces

    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes. Ah. The cooling wind makes the machair flowers dance in pretty pinks and bright yellow. Bumble bees buzz the red clover. Moths visit at night, painted ladies flutter from flower to flower drinking nectar their butterfly wings move like Geisha fans.

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