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  • Winter: quiet contemplation

    Quiet contemplation and contentment. Short days and frosty nights. A coolness of light. The quietness of time spent observing, being aware, noticing the beauty in every tiny moment. I am knitting a sock on tiny needles with rustic 4 ply wool rough against my finger tips. Ice crystals slide down the window glass. Letting all …

  • Metamorphosis: My Dreamy Friend Versatile

    BEFORE: A skein is wound contemplatively into a plump, round ball like a little planet newly discovered. Malabrigo Rios, one of the world’s most beloved yarns, is ready to become …? AFTER: Ah, it wants to be all things to all people. And look here – it succeeds by becoming My Dreamy Friend Versatile. How …

  • Autumn: grasses fall, we slumber, cosy

    All is on the wane here; the long grass falls dry and soft yellow, sunlight is dimmed in the morning, the wind is colder. At the same time the bramble berries are bursting with plump ripeness and the Rowan berries shine red in the twilight as crows squawk in delight at them. We fall into …

  • Inspiration: rough fibres and smooth bone

    Ethical sustainable chillwave. Gentrify semiotics cold pressed, narwhal hashtag cardigan artisan swag raw denim wolf tilde.

  • Inspiration: being Hebridean

       Tha an fhuil làidir. The blood is strong.   Harris Tweed and Shetland wool. Hebridean wool from our native sheep. Harris wool tagged by weavers captured for knitting.

  • Spring: quickening creativity

    As we are all part of nature we feel the quickening in early Spring, a tingling of life force awakening inside us, a desire to rampage into newness. I wonder if like the sap in plant stems that is suddenly rising and full of vigour, we too have this response in our bodies. All things …

  • Caledonia Shrug: Who wore it better?

    I have now finished designing the new INNER WILD knitting patterns template. Joy! And I just wrote up the pattern for this INNER WILD Caledonia Shrug worn by Claire in Outlander. It made me laugh to see how differently the exact same Caledonia Shrug could look! I thought you might appreciate the fun of it …

  • Metamorphosis: Rustic Gathering Bodice in Donegal Wool

    BEFORE: Super rustic, gorgeously toothy pure Donegal wool on the cone, bamboo needles, my fingers, what we will make today? AFTER: Of course, a dreamy Inner Wild Gathering Bodice Donegal Wool on the cone, you are so tactile and textured you should be allowed to show off a bit. Yes, it does mean working in …

  • Winter: potent hibernation

    Short days, wild winds, stormy seas. The glory of winter darkness hibernation, wrapping ourselves in cosy woollens, swaddling our spirits in the gestation time, quietening our minds, listening with stillness to the sounds of nature. Here we are in the deep mid-Winter with arrows pointing back to Autumn and forwards to Spring in the eternal …

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