Hebridean Bodice & Gauntlets

sold 2016, UK


Dark, rustic, textured and wild, the Hebridean Bodice and matching Gauntlets are hand knitted in our native undyed dark brown Scottish Hebridean Wool.

Hebridean sheep thrive on the machair, moorland and rocky outcrops of the Hebrides. Their fleece, brown and thick and beautiful keeps them protected from the battering wind and rain that blow in from Scandinavia and across the Atlantic. It also keeps them cool in the hot summer months while the heather and machair wild flowers grow lush around them.

I love knitting with Hebridean Wool, it is natural and pure and feels wonderful in its alive roughness. The Hebridean Bodice and Gauntlets Set look gorgeous together and keep the wearer well-protected, warm and connected to the earth.

The Hebridean Gauntlets are around 13 inches long and finished in garter stitch which is reminiscent of the run rigs on the hill near my home, next to the Hebridean sheep.

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