Botanica Fingerless Gauntlets

sold 2014 – 2018, USA, AUSTRALIA, UK


Feeling the nobbly-hard seeds of dock between your fingers, following the curve of its broad leaf curling, changing from lime green to shocking orange-red. I love dock, especially next to my nettle plants.

Sometimes outside your hands get cold but you want to be touching nature, feeling the texture of leaves and pebbles. Inner Wild Botanica Fingerless Gauntlets are practical as well as lovely.

Hand knitted in luxurious Malabrigo pure merino chunky wool, Botanica Warmers are kettle-dyed in the most beautiful shades of leaf green, robin’s egg blue and dark lilac gray.

They are cozy-warm, with garter stitch around your knuckles and stocking stitch running up towards your elbow. Of course, you can take your thumb out of the thumb hole and also wear these warmers as sleeves.

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