Arum Lily Bodice and Gauntlets

sold 2019, New Zealand


All the while creating this sweet ruffled bodice and gauntlets set I thought of pink arum lilies. I love their long green stalks, proud in every shade of green tapering to the palest tone before turning into pink.

And so I was moved to mimic their color in the Inner Wild Arum Lily Bodice and Gauntlet Set. I like the feeling of all shades of green in the gauntlets and bodice moving into a flurry of pink frills like the edges of arum flowers at the bodice neckline so it is like wearing a flower.

I was inspired to buy the yarn by a single hydrangea bloom brought in from my garden and in turn the yarn with its sublime shading of greens and pinks inspired the idea of creating a set that would be like wearing a pale pink arum lily.

The yarn is sublimely soft and luxurious Japanese yarn ‘Noro Shiro’ which is 40% wool, 30% cashmere and 30% silk.

Oh. Cashmere. With silk and wool.

I mixed the shading up a little while hand knitting to maximise the effect of dark wintery green being pushed aside by the lime and vibrant emerald green of springtime. The gauntlets turned out unexpectedly elven in design, what a thrill.

Hand knitted with mindful awareness, the Inner Wild Arum Lily Bodice and Gauntlets Set is naturally one-of-a-kind.

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