Unfurled Cowl, Wrap, Top, Poncho, Skirt

sold 2019, USA


Inner Wild Unfurled Cowl is a versatile garment that brings a sense of joy with its netted frills and tiny sequins. And it can be worn all kinds of ways.

It’s hand knitted using four different yarns: a pale green acrylic mix yarn with tiny sequins; a cotton mix yarn in variegated greens and creams; an acrylic wool mix yarn in variegated blues, greens and creams and edged with a froth of frill which has tiny pompoms on its edge.

Knitted on big needles to give a loose, flowing fabric the Unfurled Cowl is not heavy so ideal as a trans-seasonal piece. Beautiful as a statement garment to brighten up a monotone outfit or tone it down by keeping its frills secret and tucking them inside.

You can wear the Unfurled Cowl piled up around your neck or as a wrap / poncho across your shoulders. Thanks to its generous length you can also wear it as a tube dress, skirt or top as a single layer, doubled or tripled up.

These soft green, cream and turquoise colours are just heavenly together. The variegated frill with tiny pompoms dances on the edge and the panels of mellow green and tiny sequins yarn make a subtle sparkle. One of those pieces that just makes you happy when you put it on.

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