Carnival Cowl, Wrap, Top, Poncho, Skirt

sold 2019, USA


This is what happens when you start to free-knit something while watching Carnival Row. Love that show!

Fairy frills and wild colours all sparking joy. The Inner Wild Carnival Wrap can also magically turning into a cowl, a skirt, a poncho, a top.

Netted lacey frills and tiny pom pom bobbles in a sublime emerald and forest green flow all around one edge. They are also threaded as a ribbon through the knitted fabric on the other edge to look beautiful and moreover, act as a drawstring. This lets you pull the Carnival Wrap tight as a poncho or neck cowl or let it out loose as a skirt wrap so the drawstring allows for different looks and ways of wearing it.

This drawstring ribbon lengths are abundantly long – not just so they give the Carnival Wrap a deconstructed feel but also so you can wind them around and around your waist or hips or neck. If it turns out you don’t want them so long, just cut them, they won’t fray.

Now the yarn – it was an impulse buy and oh my it looks so lovely with its crazy colours. It’s soft too, chunky and is 80% acrylic and 20% alpaca for heavenly texture. The shading moves from pale sky blue to grey and greens and sudden pops of terracotta. These pops inspired me to add a second kind of pom pom yarn to the circus. This one has flashes of terracotta amid washes of green. I used five short lengths of it to create ties at the ends of the Wrap to bring those edges together making a circle.

The Carnival Wrap is photographed here with these ribbon ties closed at the side edges. But you can create a capelet, scarf or stole and other looks by untying them, removing them or leaving one or two. They are easily removable so you can move them around.

So many ways to wear the Carnival Wrap. I love pieces you can be creative with, have fun with, make your very own.

The Carnival Wrap is one-of-a-kind. It is hand knitted on big needles to give a loose, flowing fabric and is medium weight – great for Autumn and Winter.

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