Eternity Obi Belt

sold 2014, USA


Interlocking stitches and endless knot work of cables that slip in and out and through and tangle together to create a repeating pattern that is soothing and eternal.

The Inner Wild Eternity Obi Belt is a statement piece to wear with a simple dress or skirt and top to accentuate the waistline.

It is high enough to act as a corset, sitting under the breasts and long enough to reach the hips.

There is lots of stretch in the hand knitted cabling so that it can stretch or sit in a relaxed way and will fit all sizes.

I would also wear it two other ways:
– with the ribbon wrapped around and around my waist to pull the Eternity Obi Belt in very tight but leave the knitted fabric relaxed underneath.
– open up the ribbon closure and push it down to the top of my hips so that it sits like an overskirt and let the ribbons hang down over my skirt.

A versatile piece. The colors are gorgeously grunge in olive and taupe with shorts of good lilac purple and milk chocolate brown.

i knitted this piece in a soft, pure, hand dyed merino wool called, Araucania Tocanao.

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