Positive Bodice

sold 2018, USA


Are you a positive person? Do you have personality Plus? Does it Add up?

A simple ‘plus’ sign, AAA+++. Or is it an ‘add’ sign? The positive terminal of a human dynamo?

The Inner Wild Positive Bodice is hand knitted in two different weights of yarn: a thick cream with orange flecks yarn for the back and the knitted-in + sign and a lighter and a medium weight orange yarn for the front. Both are a mix of wool + acrylic.

I’ve sewn the seams on the outside of the Bodice in a raw, homespun way with big, tactile stitches.

Size-wise, the Positive Bodice will work on most bodies. It is knitted to a medium size + will sit in a drapey, low way on a small person + be able to fit on top of a sweater if you are small. Or it will sit higher on the body + be snug across a larger bust.

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