Wild Oats Warmers

sold 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, USA, Germany, Denmark, UK


Reaping wild oats! Oatmeal porridge cooked over an open fire on a snowy winter morning. Ah!

We keep our hands and knuckles and wrists warm with soft oatmeal yarn, all rustic and yet soft and comforting as a big bowl of porridge wearing Inner Wild Wild Oats Gauntlets with pretty picot edging.

I love this yarn – it’s very rustic-looking but is extremely soft and silky but thick being cotton and acrylic yarn.

There is something superbly comforting about Inner Wild warmers; the close clutch of natural fibers around your wrist feels calming, as if someone is holding your wrists gently and you are a child again.

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