Woodwalker Bodice

sold 2015, USA


Inner Wild Woodwalker Bodice, hand knitted in pure, natural merino wool, hand painted in all the colors of Autumn.

The silence is thick against my ears. Even my clumpy boots make no sound tramping the forest path; old rusty-colored pine and spruce needles soften the thud of my footfalls, a carpet on the woodland floor.

The Inner Wild Woodwalker Bodice is made from pure Araucania wool, a gloriously natural luxury homespun yarn that is hand painted in honeycomb, russet and burnished green, like the woodland floor.

Gathering firewood, examining fungi, looking inside a fox’s set, woodwalkers find soul shelter under the tree canopy, we wander over the gnarly, ancient tree roots that run like woody veins over the skin of the earth. We breathe deeply the scent of damp wood and mulch and smile.

I’ve knitted the front bodice panel of the Woodwalker Bodice in a traditional cable stitch which stretches and swirls in abundant texture.

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